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Global Forest Watch Water (GFW Water) joins the Global Forest Watch suite of interactive online forest monitoring tools designed to empower people everywhere with the information they need to better manage and conserve forest landscapes. GFW Water provides powerful information to help catalyze a global movement to enhance water security and bolster economic development through natural infrastructure.

About GFW Water

Global Forest Watch Water is a publicly available global database and interactive mapping tool designed to help users find decision-relevant information on natural infrastructure to enhance water security.

GFW Water allows anyone with internet access to visualize critical watershed related information, identify threats to watershed health, and screen for cost-effective, sustainable natural infrastructure solutions based on watershed characteristics and risk profiles.

GFW Water provides spatial data sets, summary statistics, and watershed risk scores for watersheds around the globe. Users can also locate and delineate customized subwatersheds for analysis. GFW Water serves as a portal to WRI’s decision-support resources for planning natural infrastructure initiatives, including tools, guidelines, and case studies.

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Global Forest Watch Water Metadata Document

This document explains the underlying science and assumptions of natural infrastructure for water, describes data layers and information, documents data sources, and details the methodology used to generate watershed risk scores in Global Forest Watch Water. All data and maps are publicly available.


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Global Forest Watch Water offers a wide range of content and capabilities to serve a variety of users and purposes. Whether you arrive at GFW Water with a clear purpose or are simply exploring different features, we can help you learn to use the platform.

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